Tips to make your Christmas tree last

The count down to Christmas is on! With just 22 more days, many people set out to find the perfect Christmas tree.

"Every year we bring the kids, and we come up in the buy a tree and bring it on the weekend, usually on Sunday and take them home and decorate it the next day." says Dustin Seright, Real Tree Shopper.

Most people do their tree shopping on the first weekend of December.

"My son is not in school today, so we saved today- the weekend to come out and we thought we would try to come a little earlier this year so that maybe we would be in the Christmas spirit a little earlier." says Chris Fredrickson, Real Tree Shopper.

Although real trees have their perks, the fallen needles can make some second guess their purchase options.

"I definitely think having the artificial tree might be a little easier." says Fredrickson.

There are ways to keep your tree fresh for longer. Phil Lowe, of Lowe's Floral and Garden Center recommends making a fresh cut and putting the stump into water as soon as possible.

"As soon as it runs out of water, it sucks air and it won't take anymore water again. So you'll want to keep watering, for sure, that first ten days." says Lowe.

He adds that you should keep your tree away from sources of heat. A dry tree can become engulfed in flames in under a minute -- keeping it watered and away from heat will greatly reduce the risk of a fire.

If you haven't bought your perfect tree yet, you're not alone.

"It's all in the eye of the beholder. What I think is a beautiful tree, you might not even like, and vice-versa." says Lowe.

For a healthy tree, find one that is a rich, green color. Then run your hand down a branch -- if the needles stay then you've found one that should last until Christmas.

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