Three-Pronged Effort at Mouse River Flood Control

Published 10/26 2016 05:19PM

Updated 10/26 2016 05:19PM

Flood control along the Mouse River in North Dakota is a three-part effort.
Local and state funds are going into the Mouse River Plan, an international group is considering changes to the water management rules, and the Corps of Engineers is beginning to look into the possibility of being part of flood control.
The Army Corps of Engineers is collecting public comments - meeting in Mohall and Velva already and finishing up in Minot tonight.
The Corps is starting a three-year process of conducting a feasibility study to see if federal funds might be spent on flood control.
But that federal process has no impact on what's happening with adjusting the international management plan that governs river management, or on the Mouse River Plan - the local and state project you've heard about for years where construction will begin next year in Minot.
Ryan Ackerman is an engineer who's been working on the Mouse River Plan since the start. 
He says while waiting on decisions from the Corps on flood protection and the international group that manages the river, the local Mouse River Plan is moving ahead.
(Ryan Ackerman, Mouse River Plan) "Basically, the uncertainty associated with federal funding or what could happen at the international level with reservoir management - we aren't going to wait. We aren't going to wait for those decisions to be made. We will closely coordinate with those decision-makers so that everything is compatable at the end of it all but we're going to continue to push forward with the Mouse River Plan initiative and start to construct flood protection.">>
That construction is set to begin next summer on the first three phases stretching from the Highway 83 bypass toward the middle of Minot.
Meanwhile tonight at the Minot Auditorium, you are invited to comment on the potential federal involvement in the flood control effort.
You may also comment online - click here to go to the Corps of Engineers site.
If you want to check the maps and see what's happening here at the auditorium, there's an open house at 6:30 followed by a presentation from 7:30 to 9.
Reporting live in Minot, Jim Olson, KX News.


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