Threat Forces School To Start Late

Turtle Mountain Community Schools are having a late start this morning due to a threat.

The TMCS Superintendent posted to the school's Facebook page and said there was a threat made to the high school yesterday late afternoon.

To insure the safety of all students, the school is having a 2 hour late start.



Students in Belcourt had a late start to school this morning after a possible threat of violence.

The student who allegedly made the threat is in custody.

KX spoke with a high school student and he said that he heard a classmate make a threat during his last class period Tuesday.

The threat got reported to the school and police and immediate action was taken.

Turtle Mountain Community Schools which includes an elementary, middle, and high school all were scheduled for a 2 hour late start, but even then some parents didn't allow their kids to go to school.

"I didn't go to school today because I'm not going to risk my safety," said Justice Davis, High School Student.

Yesterday, Justice Davis was sitting in his English class when he over heard a classmate say he was going to bring a gun to school.

"A lot of kids now-a-days make jokes about that stuff but I couldn't tell if this kid was joking or not," said Davis.

"I'm really scared and it's not only for my son it's for whole school the whole community," said Georgianna Davis, Mother.

One of his female classmates also heard the comment and reported it.

"I take threats very seriously," said Dr. Lana DeCoteau, Belcourt School District Superintendent.

Following the students' reports, the police followed up with Davis at his home.

"At that point I knew that you know they were trying," said Justice Davis.

After Davis gave his statement to law enforcement, the decision was made to have a late start.

"I've been in education for over 40 years and one my top priorities is safety," said DeCoteau.

For some parents, a late start wasn't good enough for their child's safety.

"He was like mom I think it will be ok. I'm like no, you're not going to school," said Georgianna Davis.

"For me to finish school I have to be you know uninjured or alive," said Justice Davis.

Davis' mother describes her son as a hero for making a statement, but he believes there is someone even more important to thank.

"I'd say the girl is the hero because she's the one that reported it," said Justice Davis.

His advice is to take threats seriously and when you hear something - say something.

The high school had extra security around the building and made sure all the doors were locked during school hours.

Georgianna would like to see metal detectors in every school to make sure no one is coming in with any weapons.

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