This November Is Colder Than Last Year

Usually it isn't uncommon to see snowflakes falling from the sky this time of year.

But compared to last November, the weather looks a bit different.

Alexus Arthur reports the weather changes.

At this time last year, it really was the perfect day. Temperatures were way above normal, so much so that golf courses remained open.

"Last year we closed the golf course on November 13th," said Steve Kottisk, Director of Golf.

But this year is a much different story.

"This year we closed last Sunday due to the weather," said Kottisk.

"It had to come eventually just unfortunately came a little early," said Willie Ressler, Minot Golfer.

Last year, the first seven days of November looked like this - with temps getting as high as the 70s.
Contrast those figures with these - the current forecast for the first seven days of the month and you can see, things are a bit different this year. Check out November 5th;Tthis year could be more than 40 degrees colder than one year ago.

"Well it really isn't unusual. I mean this is something you expect in North Dakota because the weather changes all the time. I mean there's an old saying, just wait 5 minutes and the weather changes; That's North Dakota," said Tom Schrader, KX Chief Metereogolist.

"I guess that's mother nature, you never can tell what's going to come," said Ressler.

The record highs first the first week in November are mostly in the mid 70's. Record lows are actually below zero, so at least we're not close to those numbers.

"I always like the change of seasons but I'm ready for spring," said Kottisk.

If you're like me, the change is more welcome in December, not November!
Reporting for KX News, I'm Alexus Arthur.

The golfers are hoping for a quick winter season so they can back on the golf course.

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