The "official" geographical center of North America

For over 80 years the geographical center of North America had been distinguished in Rugby.
But earlier this year Rugby lost their trademark distinction to a small town about 100 miles south of them.
Today, Rugby announced that after a long battle they got their trademark back.


 "We showed how we had used that trademark logo all those years on everything we pretty much did," said Shelly Block of the Rugby Chamber of Commerce.

It was in 1931 that a US geographical survey publication identified pierce county as the geographical center of North America.

"We had boy scouts lions club and a few people who had trouble with the law help build this monument," said Dale Niewoehner who is the former mayor.

A monument that has sat at the intersection of US highway 2 and North Dakota Highway 3 since 1932.

(Kathy Jelsing/Executive Director, Prairie Village Museum) "There are tourist that stop here every single day of the year and take pictures and it's something that they seek out," said Kathy Jelsing who is the executive director of the Prairie Village Museum.

Earlier this year Rugby lost the official trademark to a bar south of them.

"It just happened that our registration lapsed and when we found out about it they had already gotten it"

Hansons bar in Robinson, North Dakota decided they wanted to claim the title- but this was something Rugby was not going to let slide.

"and so we went about finding a great firm to help us out"

She add that the distinction is special to Rugby residents.

"I've lived here my whole life every since being a little girl when you go somewhere and someone asks where you are from and you say Rugby -and they'll say it's the Geographical center," said Miriah Koenig who is a Rugby native.

And now they have the trademark to prove it.


After proving the distinctive connection between town and title Rugby's back on the principal register of the U.S Patent and Trademark Office as the geographic center.

Robinson remains on the supplemental register, and Rugby has filed a petition for Robinson to drop it's registration and have it canceled


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