The Ice Is Too Thin For Play

The temperatures are cold and the water has been turning to ice, but it's not quite time to do some of those winter activities on the ice yet.

According to the Minot Rural Fire Chief, the ice isn't completely frozen over all the water yet, especially on rivers.

From the edge, it might look frozen, but spots in the middle aren't very thick and could easily break.

The fire chief says that you want there to be a few feet of ice frozen over before you put weight on it.

Going out on it now could result in falling in and then you risk getting hypothermia.

"Just be very cautious when you know you're around water and if you don't know if you're around water watch for cat tails things like that cause there's a good chance there's water in there and it's just snow covered," said Rex Weltikol, Minot Rural Fire Chief.

The Minot Rural Fire Department will be doing thin ice training within the next couple of weeks.

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