The fight for snakes and back-yard hens

The discussion continues on whether snakes and back-yard chickens should be allowed within in the city limits of Minot.

In their third meeting-- the prohibited animals committee finalized a recommendation to present in the next city council meeting.
They recommend only prohibiting venomous and injurious snakes.
If passed by the city council, it will allow Minot residents to have non-venomous snakes within city limits.

Activists for both animals addressed their concerns with law enforcement, safety, and the well beings of the animals.

"As an animal enthusiast all around, I think it's good to hear all of the benefits and it's also good to hear all of the concerns that people have and just everything from the law enforcement stand point to the family aspect of owning an animal whether it's a snake or a chicken," said Marshall Platz who is a Minot Resident.

The committee meets again in two weeks where they will finalize the recommendation to present to the council for back-yard chickens to be allowed.  


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