Students want more hands on education

Local high students say more hands on education is what they need to enhance their learning. 

"A lot of the reasons students aren't motivated is cause they're not necessarily doing what they really enjoy doing, said high school senior Hannah Sloka. 

Sloka is not the first to express this opinion, the fact is students want more hands on learning. 

"People learn when they're engaged, people learn when they're enthusiastic," said North Dakota governor Doug Burgum. 

In a round table discussion, the governor's innovative education task force gave students a chance to voice out what kind of changes they would like to see in the state education system. 

"With the committee we kind of talked the pros and cons of here at Garrison high school what we really like what we want to change kind of more of a student based rather then them figuring out how to change and benefit Garrison High school," said Sloka.

The task force was established through an executive order signed by Burgum earlier this fall. 

"There's fifteen members in the task force that represent faculty, school leadership, superintendents, the business community, legislators," said Burgum.

All working collaboratively to develop a better state education policy. 

"There's been multiple times when I'm just bored in the class and I'm not going to want to learn when I'm bored," said Sloka. 

Her suggestion is...
"Really kind of making school exciting and making something students actually really want to come and do," said Sloka. 

"You can deliver knowledge anywhere anytime on any device to day and there are so many new approaches, new technologies, new processes that are available and many of which will help us in the rural parts of our state," said Burgum.

And speaking to students might just be the right place to start. 

The task force will continue to meet and talk about potential changes to education policies across the state. 


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