Students raise money to buy gifts for low-income families

Programs like 'Toys for Tots' and 'Angel Tree' help low-income families provide gifts for their children. At MLS, the students are helping families in the area by hosting a charity dinner.

"Just knowing that we get to help people in our community, even if we don't know who they are, it's just awesome being able to help people who are in situations like that." says Fischer Ackerson, Vice President of MLS FCCLA Chapter.

The FCCLA members each take on a role to make a memorable experience.

"I am the host. I help seat people and direct people and make sure everything's going good." says Skylar McLain, President of MLS FCCLA Chapter.

Students performed classic Christmas songs to entertain the guests while they ate.

"It's a little crazy -but it always is every year, because there's so many people that come and just really like the food and help to support this awesome thing that we're doing." says Ackerson.

The students will use the money raised from the event to pick out gifts for the children in need.
This is the ninth year MLS has hosted this event, and many students have returned to help raise money now as parents.

"I have two little girls and, to bring them is crazy and to teach them what this is and how just coming in, giving a little bit of money, makes a big difference for any other little child." says Gwen Lauer, Parent Attending Event.

The kids were eager to do their part in helping out.

"It honestly feels really good. It makes you feel like a better person and it's just really fun." says McLain.

"It's great because you see a lot of children who don't have things and something as simple as serving someone a meal and they get the biggest smile Christmas morning, and that makes everything worth it." says Lauer.

With over $1,500 raised to buy gifts, the students will be able to bring a lot of smiles this year.

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