Students & Parents React To Central Campus Bomb Threat

A bomb threat forced Minot's Central Campus to evacuate the building immediately.

We talked to students and parents about the situation.

Here's how they felt.

It started as an ordinary school day, until the clock struck 12:11.

"I'm just kind of scared." said Connor White, Central Campus Student.

Student, faculty, and staff had to evacuate the building, move across the street, and stay inside a church until further notice.

"I just think it's pure chaos." said Brandon Willis, Student.
"Lots of people were texting their parents and freaking out and stuff." said Taniah Hilton, Central Campus Student.

"Oh gosh, well scared. Thank God, I knew she was safe because she texted me so thank goodness I got a text from her." said Michelle Carter, Mom.

"Once the students were evacuated from Central Campus, they were bused to Minot's Auditorium. That's where hundreds of parents and guardians lined outside the doors to pick up their kids."

"That was my biggest thought, just come here, get her." said Carter.

"Kind of scared at first. Then we finally got on the buses, then I knew I was going to be alright." said Alex Woods, Central Campus student.

In the mix of the chaos, people had heard different stories about what happened.

"All I heard was there was a threat of somebody going to shoot at the school." said Woods.

"I heard last night about that there was a potential threat from a student so I guess as a parent I wish that I would've kept her home, stuck with my gut." said Carter.

But officials say that the evacuation was because of a bomb threat.

"Kind of nervous. It was scary but it's ok now." said Hilton.

The day ended as anything but ordinary.

Now students, parents, and staff are safe.

They will have school tomorrow.

We also spoke with Minot Public Schools this evening.

Assistant Superintendent- Kim Slotsve says the district's 'bomb threat plan' was put into motion and worked well, getting students and staff from the building quickly.

She says every such threat is taken seriously.

In fact-- there was enhanced police presence at the school this morning due to a rumor of a threat of violence against the district.

"This rumor in particular we investigated in conjuction with the Minot Police Department and it could not be substantiated. So we did have an increased police presence at the school this morning and we will continue to do that tomorrow as well." said Kim Slotsve, Assistant Superintendent.

Minot Police report finding no dangerous devises in Central Campus - although the building will remain shut down tonight.

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