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Students get a shot at Olympic sports

Teacher provides practical versions of winter games

Olympians aren't the only ones prepping for the 2018 winter games.

"I want them [students] to be active and I want them to have fun being active," physical education teacher at South Prairie School, Fred Nelson, said.

The Winter Olympic Games are host to both indoor and outdoor activities that are dependent on the cold weather atmosphere. Nelson said he wants to teach his students the basics of the games only without having to be stuck out here, in the cold.

"This is a pretty cool one, the two person bobsled," he explained.

Bobsledding and speed skating were the Olympic sports of the day.

So these fourth graders laced up their skates - sort of, "we use paper plates for skiing and for skating," said Nelson.

and took a few runs on their scooter sleds.

Nelson said, "You've got to be creative like that and kids really get into that, too when they know you're using your imagination they start to use theirs too and they get pretty excited about it."

He recognized that some of his students may have never seen the Olympics, so he's taking the upcoming games as an opportunity to make a real life event relevant at school.

Gabrielle Schmitt said, "We get to kind of see what the real people do the the Olympics," and her classmate Emma Marten said, "He [Nelson] gets so creative in how he gets to close to doing the real thing, I think that's just the cool part about it."

The goal is to keep the kids active, both mentally and physically.

"There's been a lot of studies done about when kids get moving, the neurons in their brain are firing more rapidly so that will help them in the classroom ultimately," said Nelson.

He does two Olympic games each day and the team with the most amount of points gets their version of an Olympic medal - a champion certificate.

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