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Streyle Apologizes for Tweet

Used "Libtard" In Response To A Twitter Comment

Minot, ND - "I can do better." 
That's how Minot state representative Roscoe Streyle is responding to a post on Twitter where he called someone a, quote, "libtard."

It's a word considered by some to be offensive to the disabled.

The exchange happened Friday, and this week, a petition was started at a website called Change.org, calling for Streyle to be removed from the legislature.

Streyle spoke with us today and said he has no plans to step down.
He says he let his passion for politics get the better of him in responding to someone he does not know on Twitter.

Streyle is a conservative Republican who says he speaks his mind in person and online.
And he says sometimes - as in the case of the "libtard" remark - he regrets what he has said.
He told us he holds a different meaning for the four letters "tard" than others.

(Rep. Roscoe Streyle, (R) Minot) "The way I look at the four letters is 'stupid and annoying.' Is that right to say that about somebody? No of course it isn't. I wouldn't want someone to say that about me so I shouldn't do it back. I should be held to a higher standard as a public official and this would fall outside the realm of what we should be acting like."

Streyle says he has used the word - and others he realizes he shouldn't - before on social media.
He says he will be more careful about his comments, ending our interview by saying, "I can do better."

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