Start of December means it's back to clean-shaven cops

Minot, ND - According to the American Cancer Society, one of 263 men will develop testicular cancer.

What's even more likely, one in every seven men will develop prostate cancer.

Those cancers and other men's health issues are what started No Shave November, when men can ditch the razor for a month and grow out the hair that cancer patients are likely to lose during treatment.

Starting the first of December, you might see more clean-shaven men compared to what you have been these past 30 days.

The police officers you see here have one obvious thing in common, they protect and serve.

But if you look closer, there's another, more physical, commonality.

"We get to grow our beards for the whole month," patrolman Irwin Ayala said.

For the first time at Minot Police Department, officers paid 30 dollars to grow out their beards for No Shave November, and for good reason.

Patrolman Elijah Hanks explained, "It's basically kind of a cause just to raise awareness for men's cancer. It's kind of just general cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer."

Protocol says these men are to be clean-shaven.

"It's definitely a conversation piece within the department and outside because people aren't used to seeing us this way," Captain John Klug said.

With more than 2,400 dollars raised, officers said it's been a fun and rewarding experience.

"Well, one, for us, it's a whole month of not shaving. It takes a good 10 minutes off our morning routines," Hanks said.

"But other than that it also does show awareness because people do ask questions since usually when they see us we're well kept and when they see now these cops are growing out full beards it's like, 'what's going on?' So it does raise awareness, people do want to know."

Maybe more fun for some, "It's fun to maybe throw those comments back and forth about some of us that are older now where it's come in a little bit more gray," said Klug.

"We get to see who can grow a big beard and who can't," Ayala joked.

Hanks pointed out, "You obviously see here, I can't connect."

"If it were up to you, would you keep a beard all the time?"
"Absolutely," Ayala said.

But starting today, it's back to the razor blade.

Captain Klug said the money will stay local at either Trinity Cancer Care or the American Cancer Society in North Dakota.

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