Spooks for a cause

"Wanna play? Play with us!"

"They've been working on it for probably a month. Setting up all the different rooms and hanging the stuff up, setting up the props, making sure everything is ready and running through it to make sure all of the stuff works." said Carter Lesmann, Burlington Fire Chief.

Welcome to the Burlington Fire Department Haunted House.

"We did it a few years ago, and then we stopped. And then, last year, the Luther League wanted to do it to raise money for a bus to go on their trips, so we said we would help them with it, because we still had the props and everything. And it was good last year, so we decided to do it again this year." said Lesmann.

The scarers are made up of Luther League kids, firefighters, and community members from around the area.

"Last year, me and my friend Jenna, we had a room and didn't really have a theme, but we had similar costumes, and then, this year, we tried to, like, incorporate our rooms to what we were last year and we did it all in a day so it was pretty awesome." said Deja Retnon, Doll Room Scarer.

Props, make-up, and loud noises combined add to the scary atmosphere of the basement

"We've had people turn around in the first and second room and not want to go through. We've had people leave crying, we've had people wet themselves so." said Lesmann.

"Making people pee is a lot of fun, that's one of the best parts. And the groups of girls that just come through and scream the whole time, or, like, they don't even look but they still scream. It's pretty good." said Retnon.

Even if you're not big on the thrill of getting scared, it can still be a fun experience.

"I just enjoy that it was the local community, and getting out to support the local community and the kids that are involved and they've done such a great job that it looked like they were having a good time too. And I'm sure they've got stories to tell about all the screamers." said Corrine Weaver, Haunted House Visitor.

Just remember to look behind you before you leave the haunted house.

Sunday between 4:00 and 7:00 PM, the workers will turn on the lights and allow the younger kids to have a less scary experience through the haunted house.


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