Someone You Should Know: Root Beer Floats At Nursing Home

Minot, N.D. - Sometimes in life, you need to shake up the daily routine. Sometimes you need a spoonful of sugar.

That's something that Pam Olson, a certified nursing assistant at Trinity Homes in Minot, is happy to provide. "Every other Sunday, I treat my residents, family, and staff to root beer or orange floats," she says.

Olson has been a CNA at Trinity for the last thirty years. "A lot of times on my days off, I do come up here to see my residents," she says. "They mean the world to me."

But Sundays are special -- that's when Pam roves the halls of the nursing home equipped with ice cream and soda, asking everyone she sees: "Would you like a root beer float?"

And it seems like just about everyone knows the right answer. "I bring in four 5-gallon pails of ice cream, and usually two 12-packs of root beer or orange sodas. And usually it all goes!"

She first floated the idea about four months ago -- and it's already earned her recognition from the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce. She was awarded an Eagle Award for going the extra mile at work. "I am very honored," she says.

But Pam Olson isn't doing it for the acolaides. She's doing it out of love -- the kind of love that can give a family untold comfort in an unfamiliar place.

Just ask Diana Olson, whose mother is a resident of Trinity Homes. "Pam is the one she looks for. It's the name she calls out. Pam takes such good care of my mom. I don't worry so much when I know Pam is up here."

"You gotta just put your heart into it. And I do," says Pam Olson. "I think I have my heart in it all the time."

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