Sexual harassment and misconduct training required annually at MSU

Minot, ND - Amid the many findings and allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace, KX News contacted nearly a dozen human resource offices in the area.

Just about all of them could not be reached for comment.

However, employee at Minot State University spoke up about the training he undergoes each and every year.

It's Devin Mccall's fifth year as Minot State's Director of Residence Life and his tenth year working in higher education.

He said that upon each year of employment at the university, employees are required to complete Haven online training, which specifically addresses issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment among students, faculty and staff.

MSU employees are expected to abide by what they learn in that training.

And they're expected to know the policies and procedures listed in the employee handbook.

"Do you feel like the training that's given, in your experience, that it works?"

 "I think that it does [work]. I think that the Haven Training as an online module, offers plenty of scenarios, case studies, that show what is out there and show what people will be exposed to every day."

But how does that relate back to the code of conduct?

Mcall said, "I also think that it's helpful that you know, working with other colleagues here on campus that we know how to talk to each other, that we know how to interact with each other but that we also know how to help each other when we need help."

The handbook states the differences between sexual misconduct and harassment.

It also states that MSU will not tolerate such incidents, and that a possible sanction is employment termination.

Mccall says they have resources at their fingertips and he hopes that students and staff will use them if they feel there's ever a question.

"That's why victims don't report, is because they're afraid of that exposure, they're afraid of pushback," he said.

"They're afraid that everything in the world is going to come down on them, and that's horrifying to think that we still live in a society that will do that."

Human Resources and the Title IX office at Minot State declined to comment on sexual harassment training, policies and procedures.

But Mccall did explain that the Haven Training is an in-depth program that employees can't simply click through to finish, it incorporates real-life instances and federal law that users are tested on.

He also mentioned the recent implementation of the Step Up! Bystander Intervention program, that encourages all students, faculty and staff to speak up about any observed abuse, assault, or misconduct.

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