Service Dogs Are There for Their Veteran

Thousands travel across the world to protect our freedom.

Many times when they return home, they deal with PTSD and struggle to adapt to everyday life.

Alexus Arthur introduces us to a program known as Labs For Liberty and how it helps our returning heros.

"We were officially paired on September 11th," said Jason Bankston, Navy Veteran.

Meet Poseidon. He's only 14 months old and is service dog to Navy veteran Jason Bankston.

"He helps me out in social situations and crowds, just kind of brings a calming sense to me," said Bankston.

Poseidon started his training when he was only 2 months old - beginning with basic obedience.

"As they get older we cast train them for whatever their veteran might need," said Jeanne Carver, Labs For Liberty Dog Trainer.

For example, a veteran might need to be awakened from a nightmare, that's where a service dog comes to the rescue.

"Depression, anxiety, PTSD," said Bankston.

Jason Bankston says Poseidon has been there for him since the day they met.

"Family life was struggling and everything and he helps kind of bring everything back together," said Bankston.

"When that dog is by their side you can just see the difference," said Carver.

Jason and Poseidon do almost everything together.

"He does not let me go towards the door without him, he's like you're not leaving without me buddy," said Bankston.

"If I'm sitting in the chair and start not feeling too good all of sudden he comes over and thinks he's a lap dog," said Bankston.

They are like two peas in a pod.

"Overall just helps me feel good," said Bankston.

"Like the best gift I've ever given to anybody. I know when I get the puppy I'm training it to make somebody else's quality of life different," said Carver.

These two will stick together for as long as they can.

"I was asked one day, what does a service dog do for you? I just couldn't list enough." said Bankston.

Labs For Liberty has paired over 50 dogs with veterans.

For more information about the program visit our website at

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