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School threat in Bottineau

A threat posted on social media forced Bottineau authorities to close down Bottineau Public Schools. 

"At first our school was going to be on soft lockdown or something like that and we were going to go to school but checked this morning and it was canceled so I don't know what that was all about," said student Tyler Olsen.

The Bottineau County Sheriffs Department was not able to give specifics about what kind of threat it was. 

Nathalie Gomez reporting: The closure that started here at Bouttineau public schools spread to neighboring campuses. 

Putting these schools on soft lockdowns: Newburg-United Public Schools, West Hope Public Schools, and the Mohall Lanceford Sherwood District. 

Dakota College at Bottineau was closed in the morning then later reopened with no classes taking place.

'We thought it's best just to send folks home, there wasn't anything that was viewed as imminent, but lets just be on the safe side," said dean Jerry Migler. 

The Bottineau county sheriffs department said they had brought in the B-C-I to help with the investigation.  

"Unfortunately it's not the type of thing that we can say wow this is a hoax or it's a copycat you simply can't make that assumption, you just have to take it extremely seriously," said Migler. 

Migler hopes that events like these stop.

"I think what's more concerning is it creates concern and stress and it's very disruptive on students, I can't help and think it's just one more stress that we shouldn't seem to have to have," said Migler.

and until then taking the necessary precautions is the only option to school safety. 

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