Scam Alert: Money Order Scam & Secret Shopper Scam

The Minot Police Department has received reports of a scam targeting residents in the Minot area.

It is known as the "Money Order Scam".

Its started with advertisements in newspapers and online offering employment as a caregiver for elderly people.

When the victim responds to the advertisement, they are asked to provide their name and address.

The scammer then sends an advance on the payment to the victim in the form of a forged money order or cashier's check.

When the victim receives the money order or check, it's usually well above the previously stated advance amount.

The scammer then directs the victim to keep the money that was agreed upon and send a wire transfer for the remaining amount to someone else.

Once it is discovered that the check is fraudulent, the money has already been transferred to the scammers.

The money that is sent is nearly impossible to recover, since it is usually wired to a foreign bank account. 

At this point it is the account holders responsibility to reimburse the financial institution for the money that was cashed and transferred.

This is very similar to the "Secret Shopper" scam, which involves the scammer sending a check and instructing the victim to spend money at a retail store.

After that the victim is instructed to submit a customer review of the store and send the rest of the money back to the scammer. 

Police encourage the public to be aware and say if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right or true.

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