Rural campus in the process of getting a virtual school nurse

In most rural areas, having a nurse on campus is something that's not out of the ordinary, but some rural schools are looking into change that.

Imagine your children's school campus not equip with a school nurse.

"It would be a tremendous relief to parents knowing that there's is someone right here on sight," says Velva public school superintendent Dave Shock.

Not having a nurse on campus is the case for almost all rural campuses across the state.

"I'm not a trained professional, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a nurse," said Shock.

Most of the time, administrative staff and teachers have to handle children's health care.

 "We want teachers to be able to use their time to teach, we want other people to handle these kinds of issues," said Shock.

and this is why Velva public school board voted on getting a "virtual nurse".

"We'll just dial in to an actual nurse at the other end, they will-they can take your temperature," said Shock.

Administrative staff and teachers have only basic medical training

"We know we want the services, we can't deny that," said Shock.

It's all part of making school a safer place for their students.

 "We need this for out school we need it for our kids," said Shock.

Velva public school hopes to have the electronic care system in place by the end of January


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