Residents say breed specific legislation is ineffective

The talk about ending breed specific legislation is a hot topic in the city of Minot.
Specifically, the ban on pit bulls is something some community members are not happy about.
"Breed specific legislation is handled around the state and around the country and different municipalities, it's to protect the public in some people's eyes, try to decrease dog bites and health and safety," said city aldermen Shannon Straight

In Minot, it is unlawful and punishable to own any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of a pit bull within city limits.

But dog owners like Samantha Gures want to change that

"I have an English bull dog his name is Karl he's three and a half he is the funniest dog I think I've ever met, and we've have another dog that we don't keep in the city because we're not allowed, said dog owner Samantha Gures.

Because Maddy looks like a pit bull.

"She is about ten twelve now and so she's kind of coming up on her last years and it's heart breaking to not be able to spend those final moments with her, said Gures.

In tonight's public meeting on animal ordinances, Gures talked about breed specific legislation being ineffective

"If experts and vets can't reliably use visual inspection to identify particular breeds why does this fall into citizens law enforcement and animal control officers?'

All in an effort to get those final moments with her dog Maddy.

On the other side, residents have different things to say about pit bulls  

"There was an attack in Burlington there was an attack in Green Acres, I spoke with gentlemen who interrupted that attack I asked him if he wanted to come and speak on it tonight and he said no but he was very honest and said Shannon I couldn't get that dog to stop I couldn't restrain that animal, said Straight "

and so the discussion will continue with the city looking for a middle ground for both sides.

The next meeting will take place in two weeks.

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