Renville County Deceased Veterans Memorial Unveiled

The Renville County Deceased Veterans Memorial is now open to the public.
Hannah Davis spoke with the residents who had gathered to pay their respects.
Mohall has been buzzing with activity.
M L S Graduates returned to the town for their all school reunion.
"This is tremendous. It's a tremendous turn out. Everybody that's here for the reunion and everything else, they came from far and wide to be here for it." said Todd Olson, Mohall Resident.
With all of the returning residents here, the town unveiled the Renville County Deceased Veterans Memorial.
"The whole day has been phenomenal. To have everybody here and together, everyone and the perfect timing of all this with during the reunion and just, there's a lot of people's names up there that I know people are going to be very touched to see. So, it's really been great." said Kay Kolbo, Visiting for Reunion.
The memorial features the names of the Renville County veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
"My father's name is on that. He was a World War Two veteran. He was born in Kenmare, North Dakota, and then moved to Mohall, North Dakota and he's been -he was a life long resident and to see his name embellished on that and forever in memory is really, really very special to us." said Kay Kolbo, Visiting for the Reunion.
"A lot of our people, here, that have served in the services names are on there. I have my father's, my grandfather's, and uncle, and brother-in-law." said Linda Overby, Mohall Resident.
Mohall native, Tom Gehringer, had seen similar memorials in other towns and wanted to bring one to his home as well.
"I thought it was tremendous, the work he was doing to bring all this together. He's been working on this many years." said Todd Olson, Mohall Resident.
"We appreciate what Tom has done. He's done a lot of investigating, looking for things so it's -it's very special to Mohall." said Linda Overby, Mohall Resident.
"I know they were dilligent about it because it's over six hundred names. So, I just know the immense amount of work and the dedication and the passion that had to have gone in this memorial. So, it's very, very touching." said Kay Kolbo, Visiting for the Reunion.
"I hope every- people come and visit Mohall, just to see this memorial and how special it is. And maybe they will do it in their communities and realize how people need to see the names of people that served for us." said Linda Overby, Mohall Resident.
In Mohall, Hannah Davis, KX News.
The memorial can be found in front of the Mohall Courthouse.

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