Police: Rumors of Gun Threats Against School Unfounded

Minot, ND - Minot Police say there is no proof that any student has threatened a shooting spree at a local school.

Police are trying to quash rumors that have been around more than a week now - rumors that hit a fever pitch Wednesday when a bomb threat was called in to Central Campus, forcing the evacuation of the building.

No bomb was found and police are hopeful they can track down the person who called in the threat.

Captain John Klug says there was also a rumor that a student with a gun was arrested near Central Campus.
That, he says is untrue.

(Capt. John Klug, Minot Police Investigations Commander) "We did not have contact with anybody with a gun, we have not arrested any students with any firearms or even in that area for possession of firearms, or connected to the threat. At this point, we don't thing there's any safety concerns based on these threats - either the bomb threat or the shooting threats that have been supposedly made."

Klug says the proliferation of social media has magnified the concern over threats to the school - and he says police take every report seriously.
But he says their investigators are now simple chasing down the same fake posts over and over.

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