Phy Ed Teacher Ready to Kick Off the School Year

Burlington, ND - It's back to school week and today is actually the first day of school at Burlington Des Lacs Elementary.

While the classroom setting is important, there's other subjects to cover as well.

"You take pride and almost a little passion with the kids that come in," physical education teacher Aaron Kasper said.

As the summer comes to a close, Kasper said that pride his motivation as he starts his second year of teaching.

"I kind of look back to how my year went last year and then see how I can improve and kind of just make it a little more fluent and better and just go from there," he said.

The first unit will be soccer - but alongside the rules of the sport, he makes sure the students know the rules of his gym. 

"First couple weeks, I think it's huge to do rules and procedures," said Kasper.

"How we come into the gym, how we exit the gym, what we do when we hear the whistle, how to treat the equipment and each other properly." 

Leading up to the start of school, Kasper has been in and out of the building, considering what equipment is available and how that will shape not only his lesson plans but the health lessons he can pass down as well.

"It's not all fun and games believe it or not, we do some physical fitness activities and we try to get life long physically fit kids."

Kasper also said one of the bigger obstacles at the start of the school year will be learning the names of all 312 of his students.

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