Northwest Minot Fire

A fire in Northwest Minot has been grasped many people's attention.

There is a lot of debris in the air and crews are taking many precautions to stay safe.

Alexus Arthur reports.

At about 11:20 this morning, the Earth Recycle Plant in northwest Minot caught fire.

"The fire was spreading very rapidly." said Rex Weltikol, Minot Rural Fire Chief.

It spread so quickly because of the materials that are inside of the building.

"There is several propane tanks in there, several spray cans, a lot of this is just scrap." said Weltikol.

Several fire departments came to the scene including Des Lacs, Surrey, Kenmare, Carpio, Burlington, and the Air Force Base. The Minot Rural Fire Department needs the assistance because the closest fire hydrant is 3 blocks away.

"Hydrants are quite a ways away from here so we have to haul the water in." said Weltikol.

People were in the building when the fire began, but the Fire Chief says everyone made it out safely.

"We'll continue to monitor until this fire is contained. It's going to be a time consuming thing because it is so massive." said Weltikol.

The fire department is also keeping a close eye on the air quality.

"The wind is in our favor." said Weltikol.

For now, the fire chief says that the biggest concern is keeping the firemen safe.

"We're going to be here a better part of the night." said Weltikol.

In Minot, Alexus Arthur, KX News.

The streets are closed but people can still get in and out of the area.

The Fire Chief does recommend that the general public do stay away so that the firefighters can work.

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