North Dakota Travelers Speak About Las Vegas Shooting

Some of the people that were in Vegas at the time of the attack were our neighbors, friends, and co-workers.

Alexus Arthur joins us live to tell us more.

Hi Lauren and Chad.

I spoke to two North Dakota residents that were at the concert last night as the shootings began.

Both of them are still in shock and tell me that they have never been so scared in their life.

This what they told me their experience was like last night.

It started as a night out in Las Vegas. People were enjoying a concert and few songs in they heard what sounded like fireworks.

"When it first hit it really just sounded like fireworks and we all just looked up toward Mandalay Bay." said Laura Schnieberbruns, Minot Resident.

After a short break, the sound started again.

"Then it started up again and it went for probably 15-20 minutes." said Mike Eslinger, Minot Resident.

"You could hear people screaming that they were hit." said Schnieberbruns.

Instant chaos began and people were doing anything to save their lives.

"When we realized what was going on we made it about maybe 10 rows back of chairs and we hit the ground." said Schnieberbruns.

"I actually just kind of hit the floor and crawled along the side of the fences until I got out far enough to take off running." said Eslinger.

"I have never been so scared in all my life." said Schnieberbruns.

Groups of people were breaking down barriers to create an exit.

"There's guys by us saying we need to run we need to run and I just grabbed a couple women's hands and a mans arm." said Schnieberbruns.

Both of them experienced fear like never before.

"All I could think about is I want to see my babies, I want to get home and hug them." said Schnieberbruns.

"It's hard to see people laying on the ground bleeding." said Eslinger.

"The looks on these people's faces and I'm sure ours were universal." said Schnieberbruns.

Being back in the arms of their loved ones is something many are hoping to do soon.

"I just want to be in Minot with my kids and it'll be a long time before I leave again." said Schnieberbruns.

Mike was with a group of friends and one is currently in the hospital and remains in critical condition.

Laura and her husband are ending their vacation early and will be returning home tonight.

Tomorrow, I will speak with the couple further about their experiences.

Thanks Alexus.

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