ND Ranked #1 For Credit Strength

North Dakota has been ranked the number one state in the nation for financial credit strength.

According to the website, Instamotor, every state was ranked based on credit scores, credit cards, auto and mortgage delinquencies.

In North Dakota, we are ranked the first lowest for credit card and mortgage delinquencies.
We are ranked 2nd for highest average credit score at 700 and then we are ranked the third lowest for auto loan delinquencies.
Overall, the Midwest had the best scores with Minnesota in second and then Wisconsin, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa.

"I think it's a positive thing for North Dakota because it just shows our continued ability to pay for any of our expenses," said Susan Bergman, North Star Community Credit Union Branch Manager.

To view all the rankings for every state-- go to the KX News website-- myndnow.com.

Rankings: https://instamotor.com/blog/credit-strength-state-ranking

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