ND Couple Shares Their Las Vegas Experience

The Las Vegas shooting has left many people traumatized.

Yesterday we talked with a couple people over the phone who shared their experiences with us.

Today, we spoke to one of those victims who told us what it was like to be there.

Alexus Arthur reports.

"We just heard a couple right away when he was playing a slow song. There goes pop, pop, pop, and we all looked up because we thought it was fireworks." said Laura & Casey Schnieberbruns, Minot Residents.

It took only one second.

"It was (pop sounds) and then it stopped and then it went again." said Casey.

That's when tragedy struck Las Vegas.

"He fired and it's (pop sounds) and it stopped and it would go again and as soon as it stopped I grabbed her hand and we ran." said Casey.

Laura and Casey were in shock, fearing for their lives, and were doing whatever they could to stay alive.

"We needed to get out for our babies and we just ran and I just wanted to be home." said Laura.

There was only one way in and one way out forcing the couple to run through walls and the middle of roads. Eventually the couple made it to the Tropicana hotel where they hid in a room with 10 others.

"Casey and I sat in the corner away from the windows." said Laura.

Over 3 hours later, the couple received notice that the hotel was clear and it was safe to leave.

"Even just to walk outside to walk across the street to our hotel was terrifying." said Casey.

But the horror and fear stuck with them back to their hotel.

"Security guard came up the stairwell and opened the door and Laura hit the floor in tears, in panic, in fear even though our hotel had been cleared." said Casey.

And even has kept them in fear at home in North Dakota.

"It's with you and it stays with you and you think about it. He was double checking the house over and over." said Laura.

The couple knows that this event will keep them even more alert and aware in the future.

"I will never leave my children again." said Laura.

But she also says...

"I am not going to live my life in fear and I will not let him win in that way." said Laura.

Reporting in Minot, Alexus Arthur, KX News.

The couple ended their vacation one day early.

They are now back at their home in Minot with their children.

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