MSU Students Donate To Hurricane Harvey

Many victims of Hurricane Harvey lost lots of personal items.

People from all over the country stepped up and helped --- even college students from our home state.

Alexus Arthur reports.

Every item counts.

"Construction paper, scissors, crayons, pencils." said Ashley Booterbaugh, MSU Senior/Communication Disorders.

Especially when you lose it all.

"It's nice to reach out to other people especially on the national level." said Janelle Sparrow, MSU Senior/Communication Disorders.

Communication Disorder majors at Minot State University took the initiave and donated therapy materials to speech pathologists who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"In the future they will be collegues of mine and so it's nice to know that we support each other." said Sparrow.

The students were able to help 4 speech-language pathologists check off items on their wish lists. Two of the SLPs work in schools, another one works in a pediatric clinic, and another is private contractor.

Ashley Booterbaugh was a big part of this fundraiser because many of the victims stories hit home for her.

"We lost our home here." said Booterbaugh.

Her family was affected by the 2011 flood in Minot.

"I've always loved to help and so to be able to see individuals in need especially in flooding. Having lost that I know what it's like for them." said Booterbaugh.

Donating something like stickers.

Or paper.

Can give hurricane harvey speech pathologists the chance to do their jobs with the resources that are needed.

"They all emailed back said you know what a blessing, thank you guys so much, you don't know what this means." said Booterbaugh.

"Simple but extremely effective." said Booterbaugh.

Reporting for KX News, I'm Alexus Arthur.

The students raised four-hundred dollars worth of therapy materials.

All of the items have arrived to Texas.


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