Missing Man Table commemorates those gone but not forgotten

Minot, ND - The Primo Restaurant will have a table that aside that no one will sit at all weekend.

That's because it's the Missing Man Table.

"My uncle that was recently brought back from Pearl Harbor was considered missing in action," Bill Fecho said.

That was back in August, when his uncle's remains were finally laid to rest with military honors in his hometown.

Fehco had another uncle who was a Prisoner of War in the Philippines.

"Probably every war that we've fought in, we've left people in the battle field not accounted for and these people need to be remembered," he said.

For him, the Missing Man Table exemplifies what Veteran's Day is all about.

"I think of all the people that, their families do not know where they're at," Fecho said.

"When I look at what they did and the sacrifices they made, I don't know if one day is enough to honor them but we certainly do appreciate it."

Richard Reuer, Public Affairs Officer for the Minot American Legion said, "We want to, on this Veterans Day holiday coming up, we want to think about them and not forget about them, and thank them for their service."

There's significance behind everything you see at the table.

The inverted glass, to symbolize their inability to share a toast.

The Bible, to represent faith.

Even the white color of the table cloth, to represent the purity of the motives behind each and every person that answered the call of duty.

"You sure stop and think. I mean when you look at that you say, 'how many? Where are they? When will they come back?'" said Fecho.

"'Cause there's somebody that should be sitting in that chair now."

The Missing Man Table will be on display Friday through Sunday at the Grand Hotel's Primo Restaurant.

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