Minot's Bridal Showcase

The Minot Bridal showcase is celebrating it's 10th year of assisting brides.

More than sixty vendors makes this year the biggest show they've ever hosted.

Alexus Arthur reports.


(Wendy Bailey, Event Coordinator) "We want to catch the brides after they get engaged during the holiday's as well as right after Valentine's Day."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "It's hard to know where to start when you're planning your big day but the Minot Bridal Showcase is turning your checklist into a reality."

(Wendy Bailey, Event Coordinator) "You can come with no plan and actually and plan your whole wedding in one day."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "Typically one item on the checklist is the wedding cake."

(Katie Knowles, Marketplace Food Cake Manager) "There's a lot of tradition behind a wedding cake."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "Cake Decorator, Katie Knowles enjoys talking to the brides because they have so many ideas and she gets make them come to life."

(Katie Knowles, Marketplace Food Cake Manager) "The average wedding cake can take anywhere from maybe an hour for something really simple. Could take up to two, eight hour shifts to finish something really intricate."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "One of the most stressful and exciting parts of being a bride is finding the perfect dress."

(Katie Davis, Mary Me Bridal Store Manager) "The dress is always the hardest part for the bride."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "Mary Me Bridal helps brides find the right fit that makes them light up when they walk in the room."

(Katie Davis, Mary Me Bridal Store Manager) "Hearing the bride say yes to the dress is probably the best part of the job."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "Planning a wedding is special from beginning to end."

(Katie Davis, Mary Me Bridal Store Manager) "Being able to share that experience is wonderful with them."

(Wendy Bailey, Event Coordinator) "The bridal community is just kind of a cool community to be in and everybody gets along, works together, it's just a really cool event to have."

(Katie Knowles, Marketplace Food Cake Manager) "It's fun to be part of people's special occasions and to offer them something that provides a little bit more to their day."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "When the day comes, it'll be perfect for the bride and groom. In Minot, Alexus Arthur, KX News."


Following the bridal showcase was the fashion show filled with dresses and tuxedo's. 

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