Minot Shooting May Have Been Drug Deal Gone Bad

Police Looking For Help In Solving Case

Minot, ND - Investigators need a break to solve the shooting of a Minot man last night.
The head of investigations for the Minot Police says there's been little cooperation from the victim of the shooting, or from others who might have been involved.

Jim Olson has been following the story and has the details in tonight's top story.

The shooting of a Minot man Wednesday night may have been a drug deal gone bad.
That's what Minot Police believe may be the story of the incident that left an 18-year-old man hospitalized.
But it's a crime that is proving tough to crack because no one is talking.

(Capt. John Klug, Minot Police) "We're kind of looking for some tips that will maybe point us in the right direction or another direction in the investigation."

For now, police say the victim, whose name won't be released due to privacy laws, and the shooter or shooters may have been involved in a drug deal at this vacant apartment building, when the gunfire rang out.

"He had two bullet wounds in the area of his hip."

Klug said the victim was still able to escape out the back door of the apartment building and run through deep snow, down a hill away from 12th Street toward Terrace Drive where he ended up at a different apartment complex. Paramedics treated him and he was taken to the hospital. 

As for solving the crime, Klug says police could use some help.

(Capt. John Klug, Chief of Investigations) "It looks like there's been a lot of traffic there, maybe a location that's been used for illegal activity. If anybody's seen vehicles there or certain people there, we're kind of asking for the neighbors to kind of step up and give us a little bit of information"

If you have information or a tip, contact the Minot Police either directly or through crimestoppers.
Jim Olson, KX News.

Police say the 18-year-old victim's wounds are not life-threatening.

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