Minot Celebrates Saint Patrick's Day at Ebeneezer's

Minot, ND - Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated all around the world.

Despite all the Scandinavian heritage in North Dakota, there's big celebration's in our state, too.

Saint Patrick's Day is a holiday that everybody can celebrate.

(Steve Connell/Manager, Ebeneezer's Eatery & Irish Pub) "Everybody's in a good mood. That's about the best thing is everybody is in a good mood, everybody's good to one another."

Irish or not, people celebrate for whatever reason they choose.

(Ryan Praleikas) "Well I think Saint Patrick's Day is a good time to just hang out with a bunch of people. As so, you know, travel around, enjoy ourselves. Even if alcohol's not involved just to get out because you'll see these places will be packed, you know? You'll meet people you never knew."

(Connell) "Have fun. That's pretty much it, have fun and be nice."

Whether it's in honor of your favorite sports team ...

(Aaron Tschosik) "I kind of call myself a super fan of the fighting Irish. So, naturally along with that when Saint Patty's Day rolls around I got to put the leprachaun on."

... or just because you like this time of year.

(Dwane Getzlaff) "What I like about Saint Patty's Day, it's only about three or four days from Spring. March 21st - and we know that the warm weather is around the corner. Plus, we like that nice green beer and celebrating with friends."

Ebeneezer's will have live music all day Saturday as well.

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