Minot Celebrates 130 Years

City birthday party to be held Sunday, July 16

Minot, ND - The city was officially incorporated on July 16, 1887.

That means this Sunday is the Magic City's 130th birthday.

KX News spoke with a local history buff to find out how the City of Minot came to be.

(Dave Lehner/www.minotmemories.com) "The railroad got Minot started, prohibition kind of set our mark, and the flood kind of formulated the city to what it is now."

That's a short and sweet rundown of Minot's 130-year history.

There's of course a lot more where that came from, but amateur historian Dave Lehner said those three things played a big part in the foundation of the Magic City.

(Lehner) "Minot almost burned down twice because the - insert locator here - Photo Courtesy: minotmemories.com businesses on Main Street were basically big tents put up, reinforced sometimes with straw bails and that kind of stuff. 

Finally late 1890s they passed a law that all buildings on Main Street had to be brick. 

The other thing was the railroad the brought it in, the Soo Line Railroad and also the Great Northern. 

That's what got Minot planted. At one time Minot had the reputation, going back to prohibition, of being the wildest open city this side of Chicago between here and Billings. 

The booze runners used to come in usually on Thursdays and Fridays and head up to Canada. Minot during the prohibition days had more hotels garner more conventions than anybody else in the state. 

And because the guys would come to do the conventioning, women usually didn't go with them and they'd hit 3rd street. 

All the illegal bars and gambling and drugs and opium dens and all that kind of stuff after they were done conventioning, you know. The other big thing that happened that probably kind of formed Minot to what it is is the '69 flood, far different from the 2011 flood. There's been a long history of floods but the '69 flood is when we first started re-channeling the river and working on kind of the river as it is now. 

When I was going to high school before the '69 flood the river was a lot different. 

There was a lot of streets that aren't around anymore but were around then and there's streets now that weren't back then because of the re-channeling of the river and all that kind of stuff."

If you want to learn more about the past 13 decades, you can at Oak Park on Sunday July 16 at the city's birthday party starting at five.

Or if you just want to wish Minot a happy birthday, you can enjoy food, live music, magic show, and bounce houses.

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