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Meet your 2018 mayoral candidates

Minot, ND - Local elections are less than two months away statewide.

In Minot, there will be a new face leading the city. 

Mayor Chuck Barney is not seeking re-election, leaving three candidates the fighting chance to fill his shoes.

"What really did it for me was all the frivolous spending in Minot," candidate, Nancy Bommelman said.

"I'm solely doing this because I really see a lot of opportunity within the city," Shaun Sipma said.

"It's an opportunity for me to give back to a community that's been great to me for the last 40 years," Tim Mihalick explained.

In short, that's what drove these three people to collect signatures and petition for the mayoral seat.

The three candidates have more in common than just the fact that they're running for mayor. They all seem to have similar concerns, and the fact that they're very proud to call Minot their home.

Each one of them have been Minot residents for decades, all recognizing big issues like the budget, flood control, economic growth, and drug use in the area.

Bommelman said, "All the frivolous spending in Minot, it's ridiculous. Spending 600,000 dollars to move a house, a parking ramp that I know I'll never use."

"The flood, the flood way and the challenges we have there. The opioid crisis, the tax issues when we talk about putting the budget together," Mihalick listed as his top concerns.

"[The city] too self reliant on sales tax dollars to then supplement the property taxes and we saw what happened over the last couple of years when those sales tax dollars went away, that has to change," Sipma added.

As all candidates consider the city's strengths and weaknesses, they're ready for election day and what's to follow.

Sipma said, "I look forward to the future, whether it's four years or the next 20 years."

"I will continue to be involved in this city irregardless of what happens in the outcome of the mayoral election, because it's important to me, said Mihalick.

"I want them to know that they can come to me at any time," Bommelman said. 

"Call me, I will set up an appointment to talk one on one with anybody at any time."

City elections are June 12.

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