Magic City campus collecting donations for Florida

Minot, ND - "Everyone starts to leave behind things that they don't think they need, but they're definitely essentials,"  Minot High senior Paige Moran said.

That's why the National Honor Society, student council, and renaissance leadership team at Minot High School set up a drop off location to collect items for those affected by Hurricane Irma.

Moran said, "It's really sad to see all of this happening down there all at once to so many different places. So I feel as though if it's not happening to you, you should help the people it's happening to."

They're looking for things like,

"Baby food, shampoo and conditioner, tissues, some band aids - band aids are actually really good."

Because although there's more than 2,000 miles in between ... 

"I think when people are hurting, distance loses any relevance," teacher Michele Borkhuis said.

... distance doesn't mean they're detached.

"Personally, we were affected by the flood a couple years back," senior Patrick Richardson said.

"A lot of us knew how it felt to lose a bunch of stuff and have other people donate and how good it felt to have those things that we lost. So we thought we could band together and help out some people that are feeling the same way we did."

Anyone can drop off hygiene products, linens, or really anything you think the people in Florida can use, both Thursday and Friday, September 14 and 15.

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