Looking For Flood Control Comments

Minot, ND - The U-S Army Corps of Engineers is asking you to comment on a major portion of the Mouse River flood protection plan.

The Corps is about halfway through its three-year process to decide if it will recommend federal funds be spent on flood protection in Minot.

Right now, the Corps figures it could see a financial benefit to the federal government by helping pay for the Maple Diversion.
That's the fourth phase of flood control - to be built after the first three phases that begin construction in the spring.
The Corps could contribute about 45-million dollars, if a large-enough benefit can be demonstrated.
An official with the Corps in St. Paul says the current comment period is open to all - private citizens and local-and-state agencies alike.

(Nathan Wallerstedt, Corps of Engineers Project Management Branch Chief) "We're really looking for any additional information that agencies or the public or different stakeholders within the basin might have that would lead us maybe to a different decision or a different solution. We're really just looking to see if there's anything out there that we may have missed or you know didn't see."

Click here to see the report and for a mailing address and email address for the Corps of Engineers.

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