Local snowmobile sales sufficient, despite lack of snow

Minot, ND - North Dakota may now be home to the coldest place on earth, but there's little to no snow to go along with that title. 

For the snowmobilers in the state, that puts a damper on the opportunities to get out and ride.

However, local sales of snowmobiles actually don't take much of a hit.

President of the Dakota Trailblazers Snowmobile Club, Dale Deibert said, "Hopefully in the next few days or weeks we get a little bit more snow."

We've got the cold, but local snowmobilers are asking for a little bit more than that.

 "We need at least a foot of snow. We're supposed to have four inches of packed snow when we groom the trails," said Deibert.

Deibert is the coordinator for Sno-trails, the organization that grooms the snowmobile routes in Ward County and the three surrounding counties.

As of now, all 375 miles are closed.

"We've got some now, the ditches are blowing in with snow. So if we just get a little more, the open and field areas will get a little snow cover and we can start grooming the trails," Deibert said. 

Although riders haven't been able to gear up and get out, one local retailer said sales are up to speed.

"We got a little snow now, so right before Christmas and after really, we have had probably 90 percent of our sales so far this year," business manager at Paradise Spas and Motorsports, Brandon Solem said.

"And shockingly, we're actually on par for what we've been doing the last couple years."

Solem said the store sold seven snowmobiles the day after Christmas.

Although the state hasn't seen much snow, a good amount of the sales are thanks to those who travel to ride.

"We primarily focus on mountain snowmobiles so we don't have to rely on the weather so much. These guys are coming in and they're traveling with them anyways, they hardly ever ride around here," said Solem.

"They have them set up for the snow in the mountains so we always get that little bit of business."

Despite the lack of snow, there will be a snowmobile fun run happening this weekend starting at Del Junior's in Glenburn.

The run will be from 11 to 5, with stops at Big Red's in Deering, Homestead Bar in Lansford and LawDawgs in Ruthville.

For more information, call Marlin Schiele at 721-9395.

Click here for a list of snowmobile clubs in the state.

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