Local School Installs Safety Devices In Case Of An Active Shooter

School shootings happen across America and could happen at any time or at any place.

A public school took action and got safety devices to protect themselves in case of an emergency.

If ever something like this were to happen in Berthold...

"This is the barracuda defense system," said Al Schmidt, Berthold Chief of Police.

This could be the difference between life and death for students and staff.

"100% makes me feel safer," said Steph Roland, Berthold Teacher.

"We want to be proactive with this, we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to make sure our kids our safe," said Marc Ritteman, Superintendent.

Al Schmidt, the chief of Police, saw a video of this device. He knew immediately that he wanted this for his community and partnered with the school to get 34 devices as soon as possible.

"I've always had a zero tolerance for crimes against children so if this little part can help out, keep children safe, I thought let's do it," said Schmidt.

The barracuda defense system is made for doors that go inward and outward.

"It's good because it's really simple to use and it's very effective," said Schmidt.

The matter of seconds it takes to put a barracuda in place, could make all the difference.

"In case of something unfortunate like that it would save a lot of time," said Roland.

This is the outward door defense system. All you have to do is put this part over the handle. You just have to tighten it and you're good to go.

"That's how easy and fast we can get our classrooms secure," said Schmidt.

"I'm excited we have these," said Roland.

"I think they're tremendous," said Ritteman.

And now, they're a new barrier against tragedy at Berthold School. For KX News, I'm Alexus Arthur.

The device was created by an ex-military and SWAT officer.

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