Local high school students required to learn these life skills

This high school is teaching it's students the basics.

"I think it is necessary we're learning stuff that we're going to use the rest of our lives," said Colton Martin who is a senior at Drake High School.

It's called the eight hour.

"It is a requirement for our kids but if you ask them they would not look at it as a required class cause they do enjoy it," said Travis Engen who is the principal

They enjoy learning stuff like how to sew a hem by hand, or checking the oil in a car.

"We're encompassing something that they're going to be able to carry on with them when they graduate from high school," said Engen.

Most high school's already offer courses of this type- but the choice to take them is left to the students themselves.

"I've had a lot of experience with people my age not knowing how to jump start a car and that's something you should know how to do in case it happens to you," said Cynthia Dieterle who is the maintenance instructor.

 When the students are not in they're eighth hour of learning, she teaches science.

"We're all pretty good at something than just being teachers," said Engen.

Students are also learning the basics in the kitchen.

And the importance of fiance in the real world.

"They can always get a credit card when they go to college and they don't understand what that can do for you negatively," said Engen.

But with a little added knowledge of what adulthood will be like, these students will be ready.

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