Local Author Creates A Children's Book

Military families have a different kind of life.

Dangerous missions, constant moving from base to base, overseas deployments and the unthinkable injury.

And it's not just parents that deal with these changes --- children notice as well.

This book is called "My Dad Got Hurt. What Can I Do?"

It explains to kids how to deal with a mom or dad that comes back from war and are dealing with an injury.

Whether it's visible or hidden.

"I think it's good for kids on how to break it down," said Candice Thorpe, Deployment Manager.

Candice Thorpe is in the military, along with her husband. The couple has two kids... a 5 year old and a 3 month old.

Like all parents they read to their kids. But this one hits a little closer to home.

"Our main goal was to write a children's book that explained to military children specifically how to cope when a military parent whether mom or dad comes back from deployment, children can see that the personality has changed," said Brunella Costagliola, Author.

The author, Brunella Costagliola, wrote this book so that families like the Thorpe's could explain this complicated topic to their children.

"The 7 C's and stuff. The poster that the doctor gave the kids to learn about how to deal with it like it's not their fault," said Thorpe.

"They can learn how to cope with it by celebrating themselves," said Costagliola.

"That was good for a kids perspective," said Thorpe.

Candice is a deployment manager and see's this happen to families first hand.

"At least there's something to explain it to your kids in a kid friendly book," said Thorpe.

It also hits close to home for the author. She's a parent and wife to husband that's been deployed.

She wants these families to talk about it and recognize the problem so that it's easier to move forward.

"I think that if you're in the military it's a good thing to buy," said Thorpe.

The book is currently on sale.

Brunella adds that for every purchase of the book, the entire cost will go to printing a brand new book for a military family.





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