Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Tells His Story

Minot, ND - The Minot man who was wounded in the Las Vegas shooting attack on October First is back in North Dakota, continuing his recovery.

Andrew Gudmunson got back to his home on Wednesday - keeping a low profile while he got settled.

Jim Olson met with Andrew and his girlfriend McKenna Larson today, and joins us live now.

It's been quite a month for Andrew Gudmunson.
The Minot man was among hundreds of people wounded when a gunman opened fire on an outdoor concert along the Las Vegas Strip on October First.

After weeks of recovery, "Goody" is now back home.
He - and the woman he credits with saving his life - girlfriend McKenna Larson - sat down with me today to tell their remarkable story.
Gudmunson says he remembers hearing the initial gunshots, wondered if they were fireworks, and then everyone realized what was happening.
He was fine through the first volley of shots, but then...

(Andrew Gudmunson, Minot) "That's when I think I got hit when we were on the ground a second time because then we got up to run again and it just wasn't there. There was quite a bit of blood. And I really as far as getting from the ground to the car that drove us, I don't remember much."
(McKenna Larson, Minot) "He kind of pieces together the first couple minutes of that whole process and it's crazy because I don't remember that really at all, but I really dialed in when I said we gotta go and he said I'm shot, that's really when things clicked in for me and it's really crystal clear what played out."
(Jim Olson, KX News) "Andrew. Is she a hero?"
(Andrew Gudmunson, Minot) "Yes. If it wasn't for her the rest of it wouldn't have happened so I'd say easily yes."

Out of all the people injured in the shooting, Gudmunson was third on the operating table at Sunrise Medical Center - and when he checked out last week, there were only two others still in that hospital.
Third in, third out.
Next hour, more from the two of them about Andrew's recovery - and the support he got from all over.

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