KX Sports Show: Move In Day

The KX Sports Show kicks off tomorrow, but before the festivities start - vendors have to move in.

It's that time of year, when the KX Sports Show fills rooms with RV's, boats, and vendors.

"It's kind of a kick off for our industry it seems to be," said Darin Benno, Pure Power Sports.

Darin Beno sets up for the sports show every year and just like those other years, he has a plan of how move in day will go.

"I think everybody met at 6:30 this morning," said Benno.

It's starts with getting the equipment in.

Then they have to make sure the space is measured out perfectly so it can all fit.

"We had to figure out how to fit bigger pieces in the same area," said Benno.

Once everything gets moved in then it's time to make everything sparkle and shine.

"It's a lot of cleaning for sure. A lot of dolling them up," said Benno.

"There's only a handful of us that do it so we have a lot to do but it's worth it," said Benno.

Once the work is all done, all that's left is for the show to begin. 

The KX Sports Show begins tomorrow at 1pm in the North Dakota State Fair Center.

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