Kids Learn about Drone Technology

It's hard to keep up with the latest technology, but kids seem to do that well. 

"I'm here today to get a better learning experience of how to fly drones," said Logan Husted who is 12 years old. 

With the help of Enel Green Power North America, the City of Tioga was able to conduct a training camp for kids on how to operate Drones.

 "Kind of trying to prepare the workforce for the 21st century is kind of what Tioga is positioning themselves to do, we want to become the energy and innovation capital of North Dakota," said Dennis Lindahl, Director of Economic Development in the city of Tioga.

 "There are just so many applications from various industries, from renewable to agriculture to videoagraphy and we're going to need trained pilots and so we're hoping through an event like this to inspire the next generation to take up a career in this technology or incorporate this technology to whatever career they do pursue," said Keith Aubin who works for Enel Green North America. 

In North Dakota, Drones are used for wind turbine inspections and prove to be safe and more efficient then the traditional rope inspection where and individual is lowered down. 

At the drone camp kids were taught a curriculum put together by the University of North Dakota, and also heard from a variety of guest speakers. 

 "We have many industry experts here today that will address the kids as well as educational instruction," said Lindahl. 

By the end, these pilots in training will have all the knowledge on how to spread their wings. 

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