Keeping up with New Year's Resolutions

Each new year we say we'll do this or stop doing that, but often our big plans get ditched sometime at the end of January. 

We spoke to a few locals about new years resolutions and why most get broken in such a short time.

I think a lot of people try their best but I think at the end of the day it's just -life kind of gets in the way- you get busy and stuff just gets put on the back burner and you kind of forget about them eventually". 

"I love bread and cheese and I've said ok new years, no bread, no carbs no cheese, no this no that then I tend to break it, the only reason why people tend to I guess don't keep up with their new years resolutions it's tempting," said Minot resident Carlene Rios-Camacho. 

"Life gets in the way sometimes but you just have to pursue and get past that and everything should work out if you don't give up," said Minot resident Robert Foster 

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