It's deer season

During the months of October through December thousands of deer are unintentionally hit by motor vehicles.

"That's why we say that people were hit by a deer, you didn't hit a deer because typically you don't get an opportunity to not hit it," said Jay Lundeen of Jeromes Collision Center.

It's not uncommon in North Dakota to be involved in a deer related collision.

"A typical deer hit is anywhere from five to eight thousand dollars somewhere in that area but they can get up to ten, twelve even higher depending on where the deer was hit and at what speed they were going when they hit the deer," said Lundeen.

"This damage here is they hit as you can see in the front corner here, and the good part about this damage is they didn't take their radiator out," said Lundeen.

That vehicles damage estimated at around 6,000 dollars, luckily there are a few precautions one can take to avoid that whole mess

"You want pay extra attention when you come in to the deer crossing signs the yellow signs with the deer in the middle, you want to slow down in those areas due to the higher risk of striking a deer," said Conrad Kossan with the Ward County Sheriff Department.

If you see one deer there's a greater chance that there's more of them around, what you want to do is brake but don't swerve because this can cause a more severe accident and lastly always wear your seat belt.

"If your vehicle does come in contact with a wild animal and there are no injuries you do not have to report it to the police if their are injuries you obviously want to call for help," said Kossan.

If you just don't know what to do regardless of whether there are injuries or not, a 911 dispatcher will guide you through it.

"A little more defensive driving a little more attention to your surroundings," said Kossan.

All great tips to watch out for those deer.


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