How to have a stress-free holiday

As Thanksgiving approaches it brings with it the official kick off for the holiday season

"It's just a real thankful holiday and I'm just so thankful that I can be with my family and have them be with me," said Minot resident Marsha Rogne.

For some it can be a very stressful time.

"You know working and then trying to get everything together going to the kids Christmas programs you know it all fits into one I guess," said Minot Resident Sheryl Albertson.

I spoke with a doctor to find out just what kind of stress individuals are faced with as the season starts

"People with anxiety are having worse anxiety people with depression are having worse depression, I guess people's schedules are a little more packed with family coming in and with financial concerns with the holidays coming up," said Dr. Indra Arya at the Minot Center of family medicine.

Some take a more optimistic approach this time of year.

"I try not to make it stressful it's not worth it doesn't change anything or make it any better so I try to make stress free as much as possible," said Rogne.

What do the professionals recommend?

It's okay to indulge because the holidays are a time to indulge, use your common sense and will power when it comes to getting seconds and thirds of dessert"

Some of the top five tips physicians recommend are for a stress free holiday are
Plan ahead, taking a breather won't hurt you, make sure to be realistic with your time and money, and don't abandon healthy habits whether it be staying active or eating right.

  •     Planning ahead
  •     Take a breather
  •     Be realistic
  •     Stick to a budget
  •     Don't abandon healthy habits.

"Whatever coping mechanism for the rest of the year that applies during this time of the year.
and always remember to have a a great time," said Dr. Arya.

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