Horse Power on the Farm

Ross, ND - An area farmer and rancher is giving up horsepower for power by horses.
At least as a new hobby during retirement.

Jim Olson traveled to Mountrail County to meet a man who's getting back to some old fashioned horse power.

It's horse shoeing time at the Lund farm near Ross.
And in the case of these Percherons

(Joe Linneman, Ferrier)  "They're big!"

That's a quarter horse shoe on the left - a Percheron shoe next to it.
So shoeing is a tall order

(Joe Linneman, Ferrier) "It's on a different scale"

Ferrier Joe Linneman is in from New Rockford to do the job of sizing and shaping the hefty shoes to the hooves of these draft horses.

(Joe Linneman, Ferrier) "They just need the extra support. They need protection too - otherwise their feet just get broken up and chipped up."

This guy - and three others - make up Allen Lund's team

(Allen Lund, Mountrail County Farmer) "I'm starting to retire."

And in retirement, his shop has been taken over by horse-drawn vehicles.

(Allen Lund, Mountrail County Farmer) "This is my hearse."

There's the hearse - already used in a couple of local funerals

(Allen Lund, Mountrail County Farmer) "The families really appreciate it."

There's the cart he and his granddaughter worked on for months

(Allen Lund, Mountrail County Farmer) "She took it to the county fair and got a grand champion, and took it to the state fair and she got grand on that at the state fair."

There's the bobsled that, decades ago, came from a ways away.

(Allen Lund, Mountrail County Farmer) "Turtle Lake, North Dakota. Farmers Union of Turtle Lake, North Dakota it was sold by."

They're all part of Allen's new plan for his life - to get out of active farming and get into what he loves.

(Allen Lund, Mountrail County Farmer) "I'm going to pretty much play, do parades and with grandkids or whoever wants to come get a ride. It's We gotta keep this history or it's going by the wayside."

He's doing his part by building or restoring these old pieces - and keeping his draft team ready to go.
Southwest of Ross, Jim Olson, KX News.>>

Allen is a lifelong resident of the Ross area in Mountrail County.

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