Homicide Rates In North Dakota

As crime happens in North Dakota, KX News is there to respond.

In 2017, we followed the crimes to keep you informed and safe.

I reached out to police departments across the state to find out how many homicide cases there were in 2017.

I compared the results from 2016 to 2017 and they were eye opening.

In the research it showed that in 2017 Bismarck, Grand Forks, and Dickinson had no homicides.

Overall, police departments were responding to less homicide reports, but none-the-less Williston and Minot were still reporting to crime scenes.

"There's no way we can be everywhere in the community," said John Klug, Minot PD Investigations Commander.

Crime in our communities is a scary thing.

"A lot of them that we've had have been domesticated," said Klug.

According to Captain John Klug, the numbers used to be worse five to ten years ago.

"I think we're sitting in a lot better place," said Klug.

The highest number of homicides that we've seen in North Dakota happened in 2015 with twenty-one. And 2012 was ranked the next highest with twenty homicides. 

"It seems like we have criminal activity that leads to a homicide so a drug activity, a fight, that kind of thing or we have the domestic related," said Klug.

Even in 2016, there was still 17 reported cases of homicides. Now, that number may be going down, but police departments would still like to see zero cases.

"The one thing you're always doing is communicating with other departments on what's working what's not working, what's going on," said Klug.

Klug says that involving the community is one way to stop more of these deadly situations.

"When we can't be there, that's when we rely back on the community members to call us and let us know what's going on," said Klug.

Klug says working together could be the key to making our communities even safer in 2018.

I also reviewed homicide rates across the nation.

According to CBS News, the top five cities begins with St. Louis, followed by Balitmore, New Orleans, Detroit, and Cleveland.

US News ranked North Dakota as the 12th safest state in the US.

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