Halloween celebrated early at the Haunted Parking Garage

Walking around this garage, you'll find nine haunted houses.

"24 by 24 space into a haunted house. And you would be amazed at that small space and how many turns and tricks and haunts and spooks that they have inside their houses." said Debbie Harris, Overall Lead of event for the Downtown Business and Professional Association.

Local nonprofits worked diligently for ten days to decorate their space in time for the Haunted Parking Garage.

"It's one dollar, and think of it like this: you're giving back to your community, you're giving back to your nine different nonprofits all at the same time." said Harris.

The themes ranged from underwater frights to the aftermath of an atomic bomb.

"I like that everybody can go out and have a fun time together. I like haunted houses, she doesn't really like it so much, but I thought it was really cool that they had it." said Nora Knorr, Haunted Parking Garage Party-goer.

Many were excited about the haunted houses, while others were excited about the costumes.

"The people, the time -the good time that everyone's having. You know, and the costume party -it's the biggest costume party in town, so we thought we'd come check it out." said Kailan Horne, Haunted Parking Garage Party-goer.

Some went the extra mile to embrace their character whole heartedly.

"Oh when we get to dress up and have fun messing with other people." said Cole Anderson, Joker in Disguise.

Harris was eager to bring something new to the community that she felt it had been lacking

"To me, it's like bringing the whole community together under one roof. You know, these parking ramps have had so much negative energy that I think it's time for us to stop having all this negative energy about it and, you know, let's embrace them." said Harris.

All of the money raised from the event will go towards the nine nonprofits involved and the Minot Downtown Association.

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